Better Feed More Milk with Feed and Fodder

Better Feed More Milk with Feed and Fodder

When it comes to your cows, the better you feed them, the more milk you’ll get. That’s the general idea behind feeding programs, but the reality is a bit more complex. What you feed, when you feed it, and how much you feed can all impact your yields. The right combination can help your cows make more milk, while the wrong combination can leave you with less than you hoped for.

For better results, you need better feed. Feed that’s tailored for your cows’ needs, to help them produce more milk. You see, what your cows eat plays a vital role in how much milk they can make. So, when it comes to feeding your cows, you want to make sure you’re giving them the right feed for their needs.

This is however easier said than done, because we know getting quality feed for your cows in Kenya, when you need it can be difficult. And the alternatives available to you in the market can be just as problematic. Most of the time, the options are either unnecessarily expensive or highly unreliable.

This is where we come in as Feed and Fodder; to provide the highest quality silage at the most affordable prices all over Kenya – all year round.

Feed and Fodder is a one-stop shop for all your silage needs, supplying our highly nutritious baled maize silage all over Kenya. Our latest baling technology which wraps fresh maize (direct at harvest time) allows us to guarantee quality animal feed at an affordable cost than what is available in the market – even in dry seasons. We take all the risk while allowing you to tailor your feeding programs to meet your cows’ specific needs, without worrying about when you can get it next. This means you can be much more strategic when it comes to feeding your cows, which in turn will help them produce more milk.

With our many years’ experience, trained staff and highly skilled balers, Feed and Fodder is the answer when your cows need help to produce more milk. We treat your livestock needs with the same standards of care that we would expect for our own. We put our utmost efforts into providing only the best feed for your herd, and giving you the best service in return. This is the promise we make to our customers, and we’re committed to keeping it. We are here to help you better feed your herd, so you can produce more milk, and as a result improve your bottom-line.

We believe, strongly, that this is what sets us apart from our competitors in the provision of quality forages in Kenya, and what has helped us become one of the most sought-after suppliers for high quality silage in Kenya. We know that you will appreciate the effort we have put into providing you with the best service possible, which is why we value feedback from our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on being able to respond to every request and accommodate any change to meet your specific needs. We have a dedicated customer service team that is here to help you.

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