We sell well-compacted, wrapped, and ready to feed baled maize silage which is harvested at the right stage.

Our bales are wrapped in economic bales for all farmers -340Kgs and 60Kgs approx.

Why Superior Quality Maize Silage:

• Has High Energy and starch – It’s harvested at the right stage.
•  Long storage – High machine compaction and packed/wrapped in UV and rain protected plastic.
• Well palatable – Good chop size and moisture content with pleasant sweet smell.
• Very nutritious – Kennels are well crushed.
• Consistent quality – Samples are regularly analyzed by reputable labs in the country.

Leads to Increased milk production and Healthier cows!

Advantages of Maize Silage
  • Maize silage is a highly nutritious forage, providing essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins, which are crucial for the diet of livestock.
  • Maize silage is forage rich in energy and starch for high yielding dairy cows. This makes it an excellent choice for animals that require a substantial energy source, such as dairy cows and beef cattle.
  • Maize silage is more nutritious and more palatable than hay so cows eat more and produce more milk.
  • It makes the total ration cheaper as silage is dense in nutrition requirements of a livestock.
  • Maize silage will give you more milk and improve on general body condition of the cow as a result; a better return.
  • Wrapped silage can easily be transported without losing any nutritional value.
  • A long shelf life, the farmer does not have to invest a lot of cash in advance for stock because we can supply weekly or monthly all year round.
  • Silage saves on labour and time spent on ensiling. We take all your risks on spoilage.
  • Maize silage can be used as the primary forage source or as a complementary feed. It can be fed to various livestock species, providing flexibility in feeding programs.

In summary, maize silage is a valuable feed option due to its nutritional profile, energy content, and storage advantages, making it a popular choice among farmers for livestock nutrition.

Our Production Process

Our Production Process

We monitor the process from planting to the best time/stage to harvest when nutritive value of the plant is at optimum. This ensures we get the best results in terms of quality.

We are working in partnership with farmers who grow maize in large scale whom we contract to grow maize on our behalf. This is from planting and germination, harvesting, ensilaging, wrapping, storage and stock keeping.

Planting & Germination
Harvesting & Ensiling
Packing and Storage
Our Quality Control Checks

We are part of the process from the beginning. Our Product is well compacted and wrapped in high quality film and net. The packaging material is UV protected and rain proof; resistant from sun and rain. No need to worry about storing the bales outside. Shelf life not less than a year.