We are a one stop shop for 95% of your dairy animal requirement. We ensure the farmer is able to provide his cows with all necessary nutrients for body growth which translates to high milk production.

Cows need minimum daily amounts of energy and proteins to function, grow and produce milk. They also require a minimum amount of fibre in each meal and a small amount of vitamins and minerals.

  • Silage: We sell well compacted, wrapped, ready to use maize silage which is harvested at the right stage,  wrapped in economic bales for all farmers -350Kgs approx.
Why Superior Quality Maize Silage?

• Has High Energy – It’s harvested at the right stage.
• Long storage – High machine compaction and packed in UV protected plastic.
• Well palatable – Good chop size and moisture content.
• Very nutritious – Kennels are well crushed.
• Consistent quality- Samples are reqularly analysed by Cropnuts.

Leads to Increased milk production and Healthier cows!

Advantages of Maize Silage

• Maize silage is forage rich in energy for high yielding dairy cows.
• Maize silage is more nutritious and more palatable than hay so cows eat more and produce more milk.
• It makes the total ration cheaper as less dairy meal is required.
• Maize silage will give you more milk and improve on general body condition of the cow as a result a better return.
• It can easily be transported without losing any nutritional value.
• A long shelf life, the farmer does not have to invest a lot of cash in advance for stock because we can supply weekly or monthly.
• Silage saves on labour and time spent on ensiling. We take all your risks on spoilage.

Hay: Hay is a perfect product to stimulate the rumen activity. Ideal for feeding young stock and cows in transition. Boma Rhodes hay is available in our yards.

Concentrates:Contains high levels of proteins which are essential for growth & development of a cow. Pembe feeds superyielder and normal dairy meal are available at our shops. Calf pellets which is essential in triggering rumen development by ensuring the rumen microbial begins to grow and papillae development are available.

Minerals supplements/Feed additives: For a dairy animal, research has proven that dairy cattle require trace mineral supplementation daily. Lack of crucial mineral supplements in the animal’s diet is a major contributing factor in making a more profitable herd. Importance includes; an animal having fewer days post-calving to come on heat again and be served, takes care of lameness conditions

Vitamins and  minerals are essential for bodily processes like  bones, meat, skin, milk etc,.A poorly managed mineral program is just a waste of money



  • We sell well compacted, wrapped, ready to feed maize silage.
  • We harvest and wrap in economic bales and sizes for all farmers -350Kgs approx.
  • We contract farmers to grow maize for silage on our behalf. Feed and Fodder will buy good quality high yielding maize at competitive prices, harvest and wrap.
  • We can advice our clients on best practices to grow good quality maize for silage for increased yields per acre.
  • We advice our clients on an optimal fodder production plan and feed rations for their dairy cows.
  • Free extension services.