Concentrates contains high levels of proteins which are essential for growth & development of a cow. To improve and provide our farmers with the best feeding solution and get value for their money, we work with reputable companies who provide the best dairy meal in the country with consistent quality and optimum amounts of protein.

Concentrates are formulated to provide a balanced and high-quality protein source. High protein concentrates with balanced nutrient profiles is crucial for promoting optimal growth, milk production, and overall muscle development in cows not forgetting the milk synthesis.

Concentrates are designed to be easily digestible and absorbed by the cow’s digestive system. This promotes efficient nutrient utilization, reducing the likelihood of nutrient wastage

Reproductive success in cows is contributed by the high quality concentrates, this is by promoting the better reproductive health and fertility. Concentrates help in maintaining proper body condition in cows.

Concentrates with high nutrient density contribute to improved feed efficiency. Cows can meet their nutritional requirements with smaller quantities of feed, leading to more efficient conversion of feed into milk or meat.

For growing calves and heifers, optimal growth rates and development are achieved through these concentrates inclusion in the diets. This is crucial for reaching target weights and sizes at specific stages of life. For instance calf pellets is essential in triggering rumen development in calves by ensuring the rumen microbial activity begins to grow and papillae development.

It’s important to note that normally feeding practices should be based on the specific nutritional needs of the herd, and the formulation of concentrates should take into account number of factors such as the cow’s stage of life, production goals, and the nutritional content of the available forage. Consulting with us, with our qualified nutritionists, can help tailor a feeding program for you to meet the specific needs of the cows in a given operation.