• • How heavy is one bale?
  • Our machine wraps a standard 85cmx85cm but the weight of the bale depends on the moisture content of the particular batch.
  • • How many kgs of silage should I feed the cow
  • This will depend on many factors e.g weight of the cow, age, milk production, other feeds being given etc. For instance if a cow is about 400kgs producing 20kgs of milk per day, they can eat 15-20kgs of silage per day. We help our regular clients customize feed formulation based on their herd.
  • • How long can the bale be stored?
  • As long as the bale is sealed with no damages you can store it up to 1year without going bad. The bales are highly compacted and air tight.
  • • Can the bales be stored outside
    Yes, the bale is packed professionally in a high quality film that is UV protected. Resistant from sun rays and rain.
    • How long can an open bale stay without going bad.
    We recommend that once a bale is opened, it should be fed consistenly
    • Do you have enough stock or when we come back you will have ran out of stock.
    We have maize silage all year round even during the dry seasons. It’s our core business to supply maize silage consistently all year round.