Mineral Supplements/Feed Additives

Mineral Supplements/Feed Additives For a dairy animal, research has proven that dairy cattle require trace mineral supplementation daily. Lack of crucial mineral supplements in the animal’s diet is a major contributing factor in making a more profitable herd. Importance includes; an animal having fewer days post-calving to come on heat again and be served, takes care of lameness conditions

Minerals are essential nutrients that contribute to various physiological functions in animals. They help maintain a proper balance of essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and trace minerals.

Adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus are crucial for the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth in livestock. This is especially important for young, growing animals and pregnant or lactating females.

Proper mineral supplementation is essential for reproductive success in livestock. Minerals such as selenium, copper, and zinc play a key role in fertility, reducing embryo mortality, and ensuring healthier pregnancies.

Calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals are crucial for optimal milk production in lactating animals. Proper mineral supplementation can improve both the quantity and quality of milk.

Mineral supplementation to specific needs of livestock is important, considering factors such as species, age, stage of production, and the composition of the base diet. Regular monitoring of mineral supplementation is crucial for continued effectiveness and prevent imbalances.

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