Background Information

For many years transportation of silage has been a big challenge due to the loss of nutritional value when exposed to heat during loading, transportation and storage after being transferred from the bunkers.

Feed & Fodder with the new baling technology wraps fresh maize (direct at harvest time) or ensiled silage in bunkers. The maize is chopped into a good size, well crushed, compacted and wrapped in 340kgs and 60kgs approximate bales, but the weight may be more or less depending on the dry matter levels of the silage. A bale with higher dry matter will be lighter in weight and one with lower dry matter heavier due to the higher moisture content in the silage.

Our initial production was on March 23rd 2018 after the arrival of the Multi baler in February 2018. We are working in partnership with farmers who grow maize in large scale whom we contract to grow maize on our behalf.

Who We Are

We are your one stop shop for all your dairy farm feeding solution.

We work with dairy farmers to:-

1. Analyze current feeding requirements of specific cows to determine current  average milk production, what  cows  are  fed and how healthy they are. How the feeding is managed,  targets  in  terms  of  milk  production and  ways to achieve the target.

2. Provide dairy farmers with the best feeding solution for their cows all year around – at competitive terms !

3. Educate dairy farmers to improve the  well-being of cows

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Better Feed-More Milk

Our mission is to partner with dairy farmers, advise and supply  them with  the most optimal feeding solution, resulting in increased milk production and improved health of cows.

Our Vision

To raise the economic wellbeing of small and medium sized dairy farmers by obtaining the most optimal  milk production from their cows by supplying 95% of feed intake.